“My Push Button Gal”

We all live in a fast world where we're pushin buttons

most things will pass us by with the meaning of nuthin

but I got me a hank'rin gonna fill it somehow

gonna get me one, get me one, of those push button gals, then....


I won't havta tell her when I want a kiss, just click on a button and we're locking lips,
when I thirst or hunger she delivers it now, my push button, hip struttin ,push button gal

Last Friday night me and Ike were watchin a football game

talkin bout them old days when a thought to me came
if my team is losin and I need a cryin towel
just click and it's there by my push button gal


I won't havta tell her what it is I need,she'll know by learnin the whims and likes of me,
and if she don't deliver here's what I'll do-oooo,get her reprogrammed to work like new, my push button, new age struttin ,push button gal

"My Push Button Gal" 11-2-2016 by Gary D.Gray All Rights Reserved (BMI) 
Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Read Gary.I like it a lot.All Da Best with it.
thx Larry
Carl B

Another good one. I like it.
why thank ya Carl I get inspiration when someone enjoys my fruits of labor