Who Put The Pickle On The Snowman

Who put the pickle on the snowman?

I think it might of been Stevie.

Trying to make a snowman for everyone to see.

Can you tell me who put the pickle on the snowman?

Who hung the silver bells under the pickle for all to see.

Maybe it was Faith...

Trying to make a point 
Can you tell me who put mommas bra on Mrs. Claus.

Who put the misletoe on Mrs Claus while she goes pee.

Why do you think it was us.

Because it's on our yard....

Please tell me who put the pickle on the snowman.

Because it wasn't us.

But we got a good laugh

When we found out Billy built the snowman.

Now what do you expect from a teenager.

Billy signed it with yellow snow.

Merry Christmas every one.

Please don't eat the yellow snow.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

© Copyright Dec 24th 2016

10:00 P.M. All Rights Reserved

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP)

(;Yrral MallikWink 
my question wouldn't be who, but how as in  this way

How many pickles to a snowman , I'd like to know
how many pickles does it take and where do they go
I've got a jarfull but is that e-nough,
oh how many pickles to a snowman is the answer that tough
Thanks for Da Suggestion Gary.Maybe I thought a cucumber LOL
well the pickles come in various shapes and are preserved will last longer and the cukes will rot and melt the snowman  LOL
who put the pickle on the snowman in his frozen grin
looks  like he's got a cee-gar stuck in his chin
better take the pickles off put em back in the jar
coz we're havin hot dogs and that's what they're for

Thanks gary for your input my friend.