I read & re-read Larry's post then my warped noggin threw this un out partly( being I can relate to it)

He ain't got the foggiest notion ​

of what's just been said

sounds are goin around but he can't pin em down inside his head

Then he says somethin contrary to what's goin on,
who put the ears in Sears musta put em on wrong


Who put the ears in sears

was it mister roebuck

​before could he even hear ​whispers farts an such

Did he say alot of uh-huhs far too many whats

oh who put the ears in Sears made him a robot

Some'll say it's  due to aging
others blame it on their job
but  for me I'm sure if and when there's a cure, I'll be thankin God 
(these lines will come when they do)

Larry Killam
Good one Gary WinkLOVEITWink