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iTS TRYING TIME AGAIN   Songwriter:  John Westwood

    I remember falling for you

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This version is more in keeping with the way it was originally written . More a wistful retro romance than the other versions that emphasises the twist in the tale This isnt a song per se.. It was an experiment in writing something from a different era and in a different style/genre.Its more like a melodic conversation to ones self,reminiscing ...or a song interspersed with spoken asides. Its a kinda 1940's Fred Astaire kind of thing.Part of an Idea I had for a movie outline

Version 4 © Phil Marshall/John Westwood

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I remember falling for you
The breath you took away
The pounding of my heart beat
The “What happens if we meet?
What if she looks my way?"

and I thought to myself ....... What would I say If she comes my way ...Will she feel it too?


I remember the toss of your head
And the first words you ever said to me............
The cute tilt of your chin,
that funny little grin when you said....

your name was Fred


I remember falling for you
The breath you took away
Aint it funny how the years
cant take that away


I remember how my hand shook
when you said you’d like to dance
I recall the taste of your lips
When we started our romance

Frederica was your name

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