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Artist: Trent Schmick
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Trent Schmick Songs II   Songwriter:  Trent Schmick


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There were times when I hurt like everyone else.
I couldn’t believe that I am where I am
Yeah there were some doors I shouldn’t have closed
But I always believed that you would come again
Its 20 years on and I’m not where I was.
Open arms, but you’re not where I am.
I showed you the way patient and kind
But it was never enough if you’re back where I was.

It’s the memories that always last long after we have gone.
Some too strong to move on.

One by one you’re throwing roses in the water
Just to watch them float away
While sittin’ on the banks of the Rockalone river with no place left to go
Everything flows through the space in your hands till there’s nothing you can touch.
Just a box full of memories you keep in the dark
Nothing you can say that can turn back the clock.
So love the one who holds your hand.

Great Break


© 2015 Paintmonster Music

Written and recorded By Trent Schmick
I play all the instruments – guitars, bass, piano
& sing all the vocals,