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Artist: Trent Schmick
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Trent Schmick Songs II   Songwriter:  Trent Schmick


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Johnny never said what I said
But he’d rather be alive than dead
Cause there’s too many places to go and too many things you don’t know.

It’s easy to feel you’re alone when every step is unknown.
But there’s so much you can learn with every stone you turn.

Call the doctor or maybe you could just pick up a book
There’s so many beautiful answers if only you’d just take a look.
I know there’s so much out there but there’s some sounds you could never forget.
There’s only so much you can take.

Johnny man you could be a star, but nobody knows who you are.
Nothing seems to get through if the walls are the same old view.
And all the time that you kill still dragging your bones up that hill
to see beyond your front door just to believe that there’s nothing.



For me I was always glued to the radio,
the speaker pressed tight to my ear
and the answer was always the sound from what I could hear.
And life was hard to navigate when no one would show you the way,
But music always made it ok.


© 2016 Paintmonster Music

Written and recorded By Trent Schmick
I play all the instruments – guitars, bass,
& sing all the vocals,