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    Politically Incorrect Christmas

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Robert Jenkins songs

Politically Incorrect Christmas

The neighbors have been decorating for Christmas

Plastic icicles, tinsel and silver sleigh-bells

Lights strung around all their satellite dishes

Yards full of candy-canes, reindeer and elves

The house on the corner's lit-up like the sunrise

With so many lights, it's a sight to behold

But there's not one single thing there to remind us

Of the reason the Story Of Christmas is told

So I've got a manger scene out on my front-yard

With wise-men and shepherds, donkeys and sheep

A big, tall, wide evergreen topped with a bright star

Shining down on the Christ-Child as he lay fast asleep

And a big neon angel upon my roof proclaims the sweet Savior's birth

While the lights in my window spell out "Good News"

For He came to bring true peace on earth

So this is my greeting for the holiday season

May your days be filled-up with all love and good cheer

And may you come to know Jesus for He is the reason

For my Politically Incorrect Christmas each year

Now the signs in the shop-windows say, "Merry X-Mas"

And every year it's just more of the same

I don't believe they don't know how to spell it

I think they're ashamed or afraid of His Name

And every year looks a lot less like Christmas

As it's true meaning keeps fading from view

So here's to the One Who has brought us glad tidings

A Savior was given for me and for you

Copyright 2005 Robert Jenkins